QuestSelect™ Advanced

Know your lab testing options — and save.

Your healthcare plan now includes an outstanding new benefit: QuestSelect™ Advanced. It’s designed to save you money on covered outpatient lab testing, from blood and urine tests to throat cultures and more, and this benefit is free to you. No co-pays, no deductibles, and no coinsurance for covered services
No out-of-pocket costs when you choose Quest
High-quality lab testing from an industry leader
No need to change your doctor - just show your QuestSelect™ card

70% of medical decisions are based on lab results.*

They’re a necessity. So they shouldn’t be expensive.

Physicians rely on lab test results to provide effective treatment. Chances are, each of us will need lab testing at some point. For many, it’s a routine part of healthcare.

Lab testing can also be expensive—to your health plan, and to you. In some healthcare systems, in-house lab testing can cost 3 to 5 times more than what you’d pay at Quest.**

Fortunately, you have a choice in where your lab work goes for processing. With QuestSelect™, you have the power to pay nothing for this critical aspect of your healthcare.

*Data source: Kalorama Information, Clinical Laboratory Market Intelligence Report, December 2013 **Based on internal data

How to use QuestSelect™

At your appointment, show your QuestSelect™ card and ask your doctor to send your lab work to Quest.

If your doctor's office doesn't use Quest, ask them to call the QuestSelect™ Lab Line to pick up your test sample. (The Lab Line number is on your QuestSelect™ card.)

After your appointment, if you learn that your lab test did not go to Quest for processing, call the QuestSelect™ Lab Line for help. They'll contact your doctor about getting future tests sent to Quest.


QuestSelect™ is a voluntary program that allows you to obtain outpatient laboratory testing* at low or no cost to you. When your doctor orders lab testing, you can reduce or eliminate co-pays and/or deductibles by showing your QuestSelect™ card and asking to use your QuestSelect™ benefit. The testing must be covered and approved by your health benefit plan and your physician or phlebotomist must indicate that you have QuestSelect™ coverage on a Quest Diagnostics requisition which accompanies your specimens to Quest Diagnostics.

No. This is a voluntary, member-driven program. However, if you choose not to use QuestSelect™, your normal benefits will apply.

No. It simply provides you the option to receive covered outpatient laboratory testing at low or no out-of-pocket cost to you* when you present your QuestSelect card and ask to use QuestSelect.

When you use QuestSelect™, your health benefit plan pays some or all of the cost of covered outpatient lab tests - which means deep discounts of up to 100% for you.

The program covers diagnostic outpatient laboratory testing provided the tests have been ordered by your physician, are covered and approved by your health benefit plan and you have requested to use QuestSelect™. Outpatient lab work includes:

  • Blood testing (e.g., cholesterol, CBC).
  • Urine testing (e.g., urinalysis).
  • Cytology and pathology (e.g., pap smears, biopsies).
  • Cultures (e.g., throat culture)

QuestSelect™ does not cover:

  • Lab work ordered during hospitalization.
  • Lab work needed on an emergency (STAT) basis and time-sensitive, esoteric outpatient laboratory testing such as fertility testing, bone marrow studies and spinal fluid tests.
  • Non-laboratory work such as mammography, x-ray, imaging and dental work.
  • Lab work performed without the use of your QuestSelect™ benefit.
  • Testing that is not approved and/or covered by your current health benefit plan.

When your specimen is collected at your physician's office, any charges from the physician’s office for this service are billed to your health benefit plan. Provider collection and handling fees may apply, and are subject to health benefit plan provisions. Members will not be asked to pay for specimen collection out of pocket.

Most of the time, the physician or physician office staff collects your specimen(s) and calls the QuestSelect™ Lab Line for pickup. If the physician is unable to collect the specimens, check or call 1-800-646-7788 to find an approved collection site in your area. Please verify hours of collection for the QuestSelect™ program and collection site capabilities, specifically glucose tolerance testing and pediatric draws.
If a collection site that meets your needs is available, you can take a completed test order or Quest Diagnostics requisition from your physician outlining the tests to be performed to the collection site. You should show your QuestSelect™ card to the office staff and verbally request to use your QuestSelect™ benefit. The testing must be covered and approved by your health benefit plan and your physician or phlebotomist must indicate that you have QuestSelect™ on the paperwork that accompanies your specimens. Specimens will be collected by a trained medical professional and sent to the laboratory for testing. Results will be sent to your physician, generally the next day and will also be available to you via MyQuest™ online. If you do not use QuestSelect™, you will continue to receive lab services as you always have-normal benefits will apply.

You may have lab work performed at another laboratory without using QuestSelect™; however, your normal benefits will apply - you will be responsible for your standard deductibles, coinsurance and copays.

Ask them to call the QuestSelect™ Lab Line at 1-800-646-7788 to speak with a client service representative who will explain the QuestSelect™ program and fax a packet of information for their immediate use. You can also call the QuestSelect™ Lab Line or visit to ask that they contact your physician in advance of your next visit.

If you receive a bill from Quest Diagnostics after receiving an explanation of benefits or denial for services from your health benefit plan, and you disagree with the denial, contact your health benefit plan for assistance. If the denial of services is due to lack of health benefit plan coverage, you will be responsible for payment. If you have questions about whether or not specific testing is covered, please consult your health benefit plan prior to testing.

Yes. To ensure you receive the benefit of QuestSelect, you must show your QuestSelect card and verbally request to use QuestSelect. Your physician should clearly mark QuestSelect on your laboratory orders and call 1-800-646-7788 for a QuestSelect pick up. Or, visit to locate an approved collection facility, which will collect your specimen, send it to an approved Quest Diagnostics laboratory and the results will be sent back to your physician, typically the next day.

*Provider collection and handling fees may apply, and are subject to health benefit plan provisions.

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