Physician information

If you are seeing a QuestSelect member and need a Quest Diagnostics requisition form, contact the QuestSelect lab line at 800.646.7788 for assistance.

Important Information for Physicians

QuestSelect is a discount program that offers low-cost to no cost outpatient laboratory testing when specimens are directed to participating Quest Diagnostics laboratories.

How the Program Works

Patients will show their QuestSelect card or healthcare card with the QuestSelect logo, and should inform your office personnel they have QuestSelect in order to appropriately access their benefit.

In-Office Collection Procedure:

  • If you collect specimens in your office, please follow your normal procedures for completing the Quest Diagnostics requisition and preparing the specimen for transport.
  • Most Quest Diagnostics requisitions should have a QuestSelect option to check. If the requisitions, you currently use do not have the new QuestSelect option please contact your Quest Diagnostics representative to see if new requisitions are available.
  • If your office has a Quanum physician portal, QuestSelect has been added as a insurance selection. You are now able to order through Quanum for QuestSelect patients. If there is a medical management system in play, your office must go into the Quanum system and change the insurance selection to QuestSelect after the patient information has passed to Quanum. Your office needs to select this option to enable the laboratory to correctly identify the patient .

Referring Patients to Collection Sites

If you refer your patients to a collection site, the patients will need to identify themselves as a QuestSelect member at the site. Patients can locate the collection sites at Patients can also call QuestSelect Client Services at 1-800-646-7788 to obtain collection site information.

If your patient’s specimens are sent to a laboratory other than a participating Quest Diagnostics laboratory, they will not receive the savings this benefit provides. The QuestSelect Program includes most outpatient laboratory tests. STAT tests, bleeding time tests, and tests performed while your patient is in the hospital are not covered by QuestSelect.